COVID-19 Update

*Update: 6/23/2021* - Continuing Curbside Valet Service

Hi 4 Paws Family.  We just wanted to give an update as we weave our way through the Covid-19 pandemic.  Most of our employees have been fully vaccinated but we will continue to wear masks when interacting with clients to assure client’s safety.  This may change in the coming weeks as restrictions are lifted and comfort-levels are assessed.  We will continue our deep cleaning and sanitation protocols, hand washing and sanitizing regimens, and air filtration and purification processes.

We have also found that most of our customers love the curbside valet service that we have provided during the pandemic.  We have discovered that this service has also provided several other benefits to the clients, our pets, our staff and the business as a whole and we plan to continue this service going forward. 

Our clients will continue to enjoy the convenience of curbside drop off and pick up (especially in the pouring rain or snowy days!).  It has also made our lobby much safer.  Sometimes dogs can get reactive on a leash and some of the dogs that we love and care for don’t get along well with other dogs or strangers.  Having the lobby clear for these pets is a critical safety measure. Since our lobby has been closed, we have been using the space behind the front desk to work on trust building exercises with many of the new quarantine dogs and many of our other special or fearful dogs.  Not having a constant stream of new faces coming and going has helped them to gain trust in our staff in a calm, quiet environment and it has been much easier for many of them to transition into group play.

Since we have not had to have 2 people dedicated to the lobby, we have been able to devote more time and attention to the pets in our care.  Through this reallocation of staff, we have been able to pilot the new enrichment program to balance Work, Play, and Rest into the dog’s day.  This program has been very successful and we will be rolling it out for everyone in the coming weeks.  Also, the former lobby staff can spend their time working throughout the building cleaning and preparing for upcoming guests as they are always available to stop what they are doing when a client calls for curbside service.

Our goal is always to do what is best or the pets in our care, our clients, and our employees and I think that the curbside valet service makes good sense at this time. If you have any questions or have concerns, please contact me anytime at [email protected]

Thanks so much for being part of our 4 Paws family.  We couldn’t have made it through this past year without all of you!!

We are open for business.

Safety is and has always been our number one priority. We take the safety of our pets, our customers, and our employees very seriously. Here are the steps that we are taking to ensure your health and safety:

For Our Pets

  • We will continue our rigorous cleaning protocols and daily disinfecting of all Play Yards, Hallways, and Condos.
  • Our HVAC system provides fresh air exchange throughout the building.
  • We have several commercial grade air filtration units placed throughout the building to filter particles from the air.
  • We also have a number of air purification systems in place that purify the air and kill mold, mildew, bacteria, and viruses.
  • All incoming customer leashes will be disinfected and staff will use a freshly laundered leash for each shift.

For Our Customers

  • We will offer Curbside Valet service during drop-off and pick-up. Simply call our main number and someone will come out to help you. Our staff will be wearing face masks and gloves for your protection.
  • We encourage our customers to purchase daycare and boarding packages to streamline the check-out process and as an added savings to our customers.
  • All staff will be screened daily for any symptoms or exposure to COVID-19.

For Our Staff

  • All staff members are required to complete COVID-19 training.
  • All staff members will wear cloth face coverings to protect themselves, fellow workers, and customers. 4 Paws will provide these if needed.
  • Staff members are required to wear gloves when handling customer leashes.
  • Staff members are required to wash their hands regularly.
  • Hand sanitizing dispensers have been installed throughout the building.
  • “Sanitation Stations” have been placed throughout the building to provide easy access to a variety of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and disinfecting supplies.

Quarantine Improvements (because we can’t sit still)

  • Deep cleaned every inch of the building
  • Power-washed all play areas, inside and out
  • Painted walls, fences, and doors
  • Applied new non-slip epoxy flooring in all boarding rooms and hallways
  • Installed new artificial grass and improved drainage in our play areas
  • Sealed all rubber flooring in play areas
  • Sealed and shined the lobby and hallway flooring
  • Developed and implemented COVID-19 training for staff
  • Offering Curbside Valet Service to our customers
  • Installed several hand sanitizing dispensers
  • Created Sanitation Stations throughout the building
  • Organized EVERYTHING!!
Let us love your pet while you’re away.
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