Boarding FAQ

Browse our collection of frequently asked questions. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Please call us at (248) 230-7297. We are happy to help answer your questions!

Do I need a reservation?

Yes, a reservation is needed for boarding.

How do I make a reservation?

You can call us at (248) 230-7291, email us at [email protected], or submit a reservation request form. We will call to confirm your reservation request.

How far in advance should I book my pet’s boarding stay?

We reserve rooms based on a first-come, first-served basis and we usually have plenty of room. However, we are extremely busy when schools are on break (Holidays, February Winter Break, April Spring Break, Summer Break, December Holiday Break). We often have a wait list during these times. We recommend scheduling your pet’s stay as soon as you make your own plans. In the past, we have had a waitlist for the December holidays as early as September.

Do you offer long term boarding?

Yes. A current credit card and expiration date will be required if you plan to board for 2 weeks or more. We will use this credit card on file to automatically process your payment at the end of every 2 weeks. You may also purchase a package for extended stays. The credit card on file will be charged once the package days and nights are used.

What do the boarding dogs do all day?

All our guests get the chance to play in spacious play yards, where they can socialize and romp around with other dogs if appropriate. We separate our dogs by activity level, temperament, and size. Our trained staff carefully supervise and monitor play at all times. Boarding dogs take breaks in their condos for meals and naptime (12p-2p). This down time is important for the boarding dogs to rest, relax, and recharge.

Can I bring my pet’s own food?

Yes. We recommend that you bring your own food since that is less likely to upset your pet’s stomach. Many pets have special dietary needs and preferences. It is easier for us if the food is packaged in individual baggies, one baggie per meal. You may also bring an airtight container with enough food for the pet’s entire stay. You may want to pack a few extra meals in case of unforeseen extended stays. We ask for feeding instructions at check-in, but it is always a good idea to attach feeding instructions to the food container

What if I forget my food?

Although changing your dog’s food abruptly may cause digestive issues, if you are unable to provide food during your stay, we would be happy to feed your pet our food. We serve Kirkland Signature Natures Domain Turkey & Sweet Potato.

Does my dog need to bring anything for lodging?

You are welcome to bring a washable bed or a blanket for your dog. We also have fleece blankets or towels that we can provide your pet upon request. Many people bring a t-shirt that smells like home. Please clearly write your name on each item. For added stimulation, you may also bring 1 or 2 toys for your dog. We ask that these are no smaller than 2 inches in diameter as we do not want them to be accidently ingested. Please note that while we make every effort to preserve your items, we will not be responsible for any personal items you leave with your pet. Please leave their irreplaceable bedding and toys at home.

Is there anything that I should not bring?

Please do not bring bowls, towels, irreplaceable toys, valuable stuff to you or any choking hazards. We supply stainless steel bowls that are washed and sanitized after each meal and it is difficult to keep the bowls separated and returned to the correct dog. We do have stainless steel slow feeders. Please let us know if your dog requires a slow feeder.

Does my cat need to bring anything for lodging?

You are welcome to bring a washable bed or a blanket for your cat. We also have fleece blankets or towels that we can provide. Many people bring a t-shirt that smells like home. Please clearly write your name on each item. For added stimulation, you may also bring 1 or 2 toys for your cat. We ask that these are large enough so that they are not accidently ingested. Please do not bring bowls or towels as we provide these.

Can I bring food that needs refrigeration?

Yes. We have refrigeration and a microwave to heat refrigerated food. We are happy to feed your dog or cat whatever they normally eat at home.

What if my dog won’t eat while being boarded?

When a dog doesn’t eat, we cannot force them. If a dog does not eat one meal, we will try to entice them by making the food tastier. For example, we may add a little pumpkin, warm water, or even ID digestive care canned food to their meal. We may also try to hand feed your pet. If your dog does not eat for 48 hours, we will give you a call.

Do boarding dogs play in the playgroups?

If appropriate, boarding dogs play in our daycare play groups. Some older dogs or dogs staying for extended periods may need more rest periods and may prefer to have more one on one time in the individual play areas.

Is it normal for my dog to be hungrier or thirstier after their stay?

Sometimes dogs eat or drink more than normal for the first few days after coming home. This increased hunger is usually attributed to a number of things. Dogs tend to work up an appetite because they spend a lot of time exercising and playing. They need extra calories to refuel their bodies. Although they are fed and provided a fresh bowl of water at least twice a day, some dogs tend to eat and drink less while boarding due to being less comfortable eating and drinking in unfamiliar surroundings. It is common for them to play catch-up for a few days when they get home.

Is it normal for my dog to be tired after their stay?

4 Paws is a very active environment with a lot of fun and exciting things to do, see, and smell. Your dog is probably not used to this much activity at home. That is why we provide them with a routine with a good balance of rest, play, and nourishment. It is often the case that your dog may need a little more sleep after all the fun he has had with us.

What if my dog has diarrhea?

Don’t be too alarmed, there may be several reasons for diarrhea.

  • Some dogs may get stressed from being in a new environment while boarding.
  • Some dogs may have solid stools while boarding and then develop diarrhea when they get home. All the excitement of seeing mom and dad after their absence and being home again may have an effect on the dog's gastric system. We recommend that you withhold food and water for the first couple of hours, as excited dogs may gulp these down and get an upset stomach. 
  • Dietary changes can also cause diarrhea. We recommend that you provide us with your own food during your pet’s stay.
  • Although we have impeccable cleaning and disinfecting standards and we pick up waste as soon as it is produced, sometimes parasites, protozoans, bacteria, or viruses may still be present. If diarrhea continues for 48 hours you may want to talk to your vet to make sure there are not any underlying conditions. We ask that you let us know so we can take extra precautions to prevent the spread of the illness. 

What is Canine Cough (Kennel Cough)?

The medical terminology is “Infectious Tracheobronchitis” which is a highly contagious upper respiratory infection that is spread by one or more of these infectious agents: parainfluenza, adenovirus, or Bordetella. This airborne virus is like a sinus infection for humans and is often seasonal.

What are the symptoms of Canine Cough?

The main symptom of Canine Cough is, obviously, the cough. The dry, hacking cough can be exacerbated by excessive activity. This can also be accompanied by sneezing and nasal discharge which can last from a few days to several weeks. The coughing may be more annoying than anything and does not usually become something serious. However, some dogs with weaker immune systems may develop a secondary infection such as pneumonia. Although there are symptoms of the virus it has an incubation period that can last 3 to 14 days. A dog can carry the virus without it producing any symptoms for quite some time.

If a dog is showing signs of Canine Cough it is imperative that they see a veterinarian as soon as possible to be diagnosed and get started on a treatment plan. If we have a coughing dog at 4 Paws, they are isolated until their owner can bring them to the vet. It is important to have an up to date Emergency Contact when you are away in case your dog becomes ill so they can bring them to the vet as they cannot stay here and risk infecting other dogs.

Can my dog still get Canine Cough if he has been vaccinated? 

The best preventative measure for the Canine Cough is the Bordetella vaccine. All dogs are required to have this vaccine. The Bordetella vaccine only vaccinates against a particular strain of the virus that is more prevalent at the time. With over 100 different strains of the virus it would impossible to vaccinate against every possible strain. The Bordetella vaccine is a preventative but it doesn’t guarantee your dog will never come in contact with this airborne virus. There is evidence that the Bordetella vaccine can help decrease the number and severity of infections

Do dogs only get Canine Cough at kennels?

While it’s often referred to as “Kennel Cough” this airborne virus can actually spread anywhere there are multiple canines in close proximity; the dog park, on a dog walk, dog shows, groomers, even at the vet. Your dog could catch it by sniffing another dog on a walk or sharing a water pail at the park. It is more common in kennels because of the number of dogs in close proximity. Also, the excitement and stress of a less familiar environment can result in lower resistance to any disease

What preventative measures does 4 Paws take for Canine Cough?

Every pet is required to be current with the Bordetella vaccine. We have rigorous cleaning practices we use every day to sanitize our facility and help prevent the spread of any illness. We also have HVAC system with 100% fresh air exchange. We have several industrial air filters and several ionizing air purification systems throughout the building We ask that you let us know if your dog has contracted a case of Canine Cough so we can take extra precautions to prevent the spread of the illness. 
If your dog is showing any symptoms of illness please don’t bring them to 4 Paws until 10 days after their symptoms have stopped.

Can I schedule a bath or nail trim for my pet before they come home?

Absolutely. Departure services can be scheduled at the time you book your pet’s reservation. Please let us know what time you plan to pick up your pet so that we can make sure your departure service is completed before you arrive.

What is your cancellation fee?

We understand that life happens and plans change. Please notify us as soon as possible. It is critical that cancellations during busy holiday seasons occur as soon as possible as we often have a wait list for our services. Holiday cancellation fees may apply.

How does your cat boarding pricing work?

Cats are charged for each night that they stay with us.

How does your dog boarding pricing work?

Our pricing is based on our daycare prices. You are charged each day that the dog will be with us including the day you drop off your dog and the day that you pick up your dog. You are also charged for each night that your dog stays with us. For example, the normal weekend stay, Friday through Sunday, would be charged 3 days and 2 nights.

Is there a discount if I drop my dog off late or pick them up early?

Yes, there is a $10 discount if you drop your dog off after 3 pm. There is also a $10 discount if you pick your dog up before 11 am.

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