Training FAQ

Browse our collection of frequently asked questions. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Please call us at (248) 230-7297. We are happy to help answer your questions!

What types of training do you offer?

We offer group training classes as well as individual training through our Lunch & Learn training program.

What type of training methods do you use?

Our certified trainers only use force free, positive, reward-based training methods. We believe dogs deserve to be rewarded when they do well rather than making them work to avoid negative outcomes. To us, rewards can mean praise, food, treats, or even a toy your dog loves. This is a fun, rewarding, and effective training method for both our dogs and their humans.

How much do your dog training services cost?

The cost of dog training varies depending on whether you are interested in our one on one Lunch & Learn, or group training classes. Please call us for more information about our training costs.

How do I know what type of training my dog needs?

We recommend you consult with one of our certified trainers to determine the type of training your dog needs. Once we understand your goals, we can help you choose the right training service that will help you achieve them.

Where does training take place?

Our training sessions take place at 4 Paws. For our group training, we use one of the large play areas for training classes.

How does Lunch & Learn training work?

This is a great way for us to train your dog while they are staying with us. Whether they are here for daycare or staying all night, you can request to have our certified trainer spend one-on-one time going over specific behaviors with your pet. When you pick your dog up, our trainer will take the time to go over your dog’s progress. We can also give you homework and instructions to help them maintain the progress they have made. Consultations can also be done via Zoom.

How do I find a schedule for your obedience classes?

Go to to view their upcoming class schedule or call us (248-230-7297) to learn more about the dates and times of obedience classes.

What are the requirements to attend training?

Dogs must be up-to-date on Rabies, Distemper, Bordetella, Canine Influenza and a negative fecal exam.

How long are the group training classes?

Group training classes are a one hour long class for 5 weeks.

What should I bring to group training class?

Bring your dog on a 6 foot leash (No Flexi Leashes) with a regular collar or harness (No prong or choke collars).  Also bring a couple types of yummy treats for your dog (small training treats, small pieces of hot dogs, etc.)

What is learned in each training class?

  • Basic – Sit, Down, Stay, Settle, Loose Leash Walking, Recall, Leave It, Wait at the Door
  • Intermediate – Advancing above listed items, Drop at a distance, Touch, Go to your place, Work on test items for Caning Good Citizen Test, Canine Good Citizen Tests are given on last day of class
  • Graduate – Intro to Agility, Build on everything learned previously, Learn some fun trick if time permits
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